SanIndus thinks making complex things simple is the right direction. Also quotations: Just go to the website of SanIndus (www.sanindus.com) and just use the checkboxes of the 4 configuration options. Than the hardware needed hardware configuration is given automatically online on screen and (optional) within a second. There are no other needed options: just the adequate solution based on these 4 variables. There is no better solution than the one offered this way. Just give our quotation to our competitors: they will not be able to match specifications, services and prices. The price model of SanIndus is very simple: E 67.435 per GFS2 basic location controlling/connecting unit and E 26.315 per 16 Tb native storage unit (in full -Raid 1- redundancy this is 2 times 8 Tb native, so 2 times 7 Tb net).