SanIndus sends before installation one of our consultants one day to your organization and give a data organize analysis and advice. Concentrating data is a huge step on the way to more effective data/office functionality. Doing the same twice will become something of the past. SanIndus her technology can be made available to organizations within one day. To be able to do the implementation in one day, one week before installation a certified engineer will come to do a field survey questioning regarding 5 simple questions: 1) What operating systems do you run? 2) What for file systems do you run? 3) What for directory services do you run? 4) What network protocols you run? 5) What network infrastructure (copper/fiber/specs) is available (and is the design of this infrastructure redundant). There is no more to ask than these 5 questions. Everything else is already addressed within the SanIndus technology itself.