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SanIndus is the only SAN manufacturer that offers: 1) standard triple redundancy, 2) maximal performance/speed, 3) easy implementation in all digital environments, 4) easy/live extendable storage, 5) easy/live extendable in workload power and 6) easy geographical spreading and redundancy.  The benefits of these 6 items will be clear to you as professional.

SanIndus her technology is by these 6 facets really above ‘the state of the art’ technological status of the SAN industry. How we realize this? An integrated composition of 4 different (each multiple redundant) internal cluster based technological islands: 1) redundant incoming switching cluster, 2) redundant data management cluster, 3) redundant storage switching cluster and 4) redundant actual storage on disks. It’s safe to say that we lead the technological direction of our competitors. The above described technological design is better than any other offered solution.

If some device goes down, everything just stay working by due its triple redundancy design. If performance gets lowered by enormous loads, just add some power blocks to it, due its functional island design. If more storage is needed, just add some memory block to it, due its memory block design. If data must be stored on other locations, just place a new location cabinet on that location and put a (redundant) fiber between it, due its multiple location design. SanIndus its technology just by its design the end of operational stress for organizations.

These 4 separate function islands (in triple redundancy) give both maximal data protection and maximal performance combined in one integrated (and in size, power and location extendable) solution. One choice. Easy implementation. Solving all data storage issues at once. Ultimate storage technology both in function as in installation. Making complex things simple is the right direction for technology.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008 20:10

SanIndus her technology provides organizations just an ‘always on/available’ data situation. The economic/organizational benefits of this technology has a huge values in function continuity. Within 2 years all large organizations will adopt the geographical spread always on data model. The benefits of it are too clear for every CEO and CIO.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008 20:10

SanIndus has reduced power consumption to only 50 watt per hour per terabyte. Fighting global warming caused by harddisk power consumption is easy by SanIndus her technology. Furthermore SanIndus her technology enables the possibility for organizations to switch to new low energy harddisk free workstation/server configurations. Just replace harddisks by IDE connected solid state memory for some programs/services demand that still requires some local temp space. As prices of energy will double or triple in 2009 (due to rising coal prices), fighting the increasing energy bills and climate change caused by storage can be done simple by installing SanIndus her SAN technology within your organization.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008 20:10

SanIndus can not access the data by maintaining the gateway or by collecting system health, our maintenance user don’t take the user rights for that, just and only the facility environment. You must file by two solicitors or escrow services a backup emergency password; we can assist you in this. The data is yours, we’re not interested in your data, we’re interested in the continuous function of your data storage functionality. We don’t have the storage encryption password. The log file of all activities therefore is accessible by a web interface. The system monitoring and maintenance is connected by a separate redundant internal set of switches which also take care of health messages. They are connected to two dedicated ADSL connections (which will be made redundant by use of wireless UMTS/CDMA connections). The external connections can be turned of if wanted (but than the firewalls within the organization of course must relay the system health messages to the monitoring engine of SanIndus and the roll-out of upgrades and patches of all system components).

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008 20:09

SanIndus her technology give organization the possibility to fulfill at once (by one technological implementation) to all the requested data security issues of industry classifications like ISO and also to the governmental legislated data storage demand.

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We’re confident on our technology. Just compare our technology with both HP and EMC. You’ll find that our technology is superior in many facets.

- full triple internal redundant
- building redundancy as just a choice
- geographical redundancy as just a choice

Don’t get fooled by expensive ‘sales executives’. Just compare technology. SanIndus offers now, what HP and EMC will offer you years from now.

Data is the core of your organization. Just chose the best technology. Technology that is triple redundant.

Take care of the data of your organization. Don’t accept lower redundancy levels.

The current SAN status of both HP and EMC is just technological out phased. HP and EMC just must do their homework once again.

They will do anything to sell you both lower redundancy levels and lower capacity levels. Even as there technology (redundancy and capacity) is not up to date.

Just ask HP and EMC for triple redundancy and huge capacities. Here and now, because data is the core of your organization. You will not get a descend answer.

HP and EMC can not deliver the specs of SanIndus for the next 2 or 3 years.

And concerning prices? We don’t want to discuss them. We really don’t understand the fact that they dare to quote 10 till 20 times our prices for less technology.

The triple redundancy concept gives you the opportunity to replace components easy without any performance lost.

It’s up to you. Technology (redundancy and capacity). That are the only SAN words you need to know.

We think we have redesigned storage again. That we’ve designed a storage structure that will become the role model in the SAN industry.

Our storage design is not based on old product lines/visions, but we have designed our storage technology on your needs.

You want to loose your data and always/everywhere has high speed access to it. That’s what SAN is all about and that’s therefore what SanIndus is all about.

As professional you can objective judge this claim of us.