Our control centre knows it even when a component is due for replacement by less performance. Because everything is multiple redundant and al components are hot pluggable service is very simple: just take out a malfunctioning component and put a new one on that location. Redundancy has also huge operational benefits. The service plans of SanIndus are concentrated on the time there is no component redundancy of one single component available: 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours or 48 hours, from 1 year till 5 years contract time and does also contain the (intelligent designed/controlled to guarantee continuously in function) roll-out of upgrades/patches of each component of the SanIndus technology and full warranty for each component for the contracted time.


SanIndus doesn’t call service just service. We call it taking full responsibility. SanIndus just asks customers regarding the needed responsibility one simple question: Must we completely take care of the storage solution? If the answer is yes, we do it. Completely. We can say this: Everything is full redundant. So maintenance is just replacing components while the live spare part is still performing, without any downtime. Storage than becomes something simple just to use, not to worry anymore about. An attractive situation made possible by SanIndus her technology.


SanIndus has made an instant implemental SAN technology that can be implemented in just one day in any organization, regardless the size of organizations and technological environments (operating systems, directory services, file systems, protocols, applications, etc) used. Besides full redundancy this is a huge benefit of SanIndus. Long and expensive stages can be replaced by just choosing for the technology of SanIndus. Just have redundant power available and be able to connect the redundancy connections into your network. The technology of SanIndus just will provide all the needed gateway functionality between outside environments, the GFS2 cluster and the SAN technology. Gateway functionality to new platforms can be put in place within one minute because they are already available in the SAN technology, but only the present needed are active. No other SAN technology has such an intelligent instant extendable to new platforms SAN gateway technology.


SanIndus just give the current infrastructure one (or as many as needed) mega partitions for reliable and high speed storage, serve with instant giant and secure storage, not giving new problems, but just solving existing ones and giving more storage functionality/security without any implementation trouble. SanIndus needs regarding the needed hardware configuration just the answer on four simple questions: 1) How many locations do you want to serve? 2) How much terabyte/petabyte you want to have (16/32/48/64/80/160/240/480/960 terabyte or 1/2/4/6/8/12/24/48/96/192/480/960 petabyte) per specific location? 3) Do you want the extra (making it four times) Local Geographical Redundancy (full secondary local mirror technology) solution? 4) Do you want the extra (making it six times) Global Geographical Redundancy (full external mirror technology) solution?


Each SanIndus installation offers on each location the next redundant connections to the network of the organization: 4 times in capacity/redundancy Fiber Channel 2/4/8 Gigabit connections, 4 (of more if needed) times in capacity/redundancy UTP 1 Gigabit copper Ethernet connections, 4 times in capacity/redundancy UTP 10 Gigabit copper Ethernet connections and 4 times in capacity/redundancy 10 Gigabit fiber Ethernet connections. Our installation engineers will advice how to connect networks full redundant to the SanIndus internal (also full redundant) copper/fiber infrastructure.

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We’re confident on our technology. Just compare our technology with both HP and EMC. You’ll find that our technology is superior in many facets.

- full triple internal redundant
- building redundancy as just a choice
- geographical redundancy as just a choice

Don’t get fooled by expensive ‘sales executives’. Just compare technology. SanIndus offers now, what HP and EMC will offer you years from now.

Data is the core of your organization. Just chose the best technology. Technology that is triple redundant.

Take care of the data of your organization. Don’t accept lower redundancy levels.

The current SAN status of both HP and EMC is just technological out phased. HP and EMC just must do their homework once again.

They will do anything to sell you both lower redundancy levels and lower capacity levels. Even as there technology (redundancy and capacity) is not up to date.

Just ask HP and EMC for triple redundancy and huge capacities. Here and now, because data is the core of your organization. You will not get a descend answer.

HP and EMC can not deliver the specs of SanIndus for the next 2 or 3 years.

And concerning prices? We don’t want to discuss them. We really don’t understand the fact that they dare to quote 10 till 20 times our prices for less technology.

The triple redundancy concept gives you the opportunity to replace components easy without any performance lost.

It’s up to you. Technology (redundancy and capacity). That are the only SAN words you need to know.

We think we have redesigned storage again. That we’ve designed a storage structure that will become the role model in the SAN industry.

Our storage design is not based on old product lines/visions, but we have designed our storage technology on your needs.

You want to loose your data and always/everywhere has high speed access to it. That’s what SAN is all about and that’s therefore what SanIndus is all about.

As professional you can objective judge this claim of us.