SanIndus is dedicated to SAN (Storage Area Network) technology, nothing more, nothing less. Only SAN technology, it’s our specialization. SanIndus don’t have other fields of interest and operation besides making the best SAN technology of the world. SanIndus is the only global supplier with triple redundancy as basic concept. SanIndus by her total dedication to reliable and state of the art SAN technology has realized 1) most reliable (multi redundant) in design, 2) biggest in size, 3) highest in speed for 4) affordable prices and 5) by an one day just plug and play installation with 6) taking full responsibility for operating and 7) low power consumption. The compilation of these 7 facets is why SanIndus is the best global SAN supplier. It’s simple: no other SAN manufacture offers real (2+1) redundancy. Beating each market competitor on each of the 7 for SAN technology important facets. That’s what SanIndus does. Data storage is than no longer a subject to worry about and just become a solid base to build an organization on. No other manufacturer offers the multiple redundancy design SanIndus has. By SanIndus her technology every organization can choose for the benefits of storage consolidation and gets instant an overall 100% data security. Organizations that really want to add storage and security choose for SanIndus. Storage is from that day something never to worry about again. A huge releasing facet in for the data environment.