SanIndus her SAN technology is in central design triple (as in: completely: as in: on each component) redundant. Full triple redundancy is standard by SanIndus, and not offered as expensive additional option, we leave the not full redundancy design (and the customers who want that) to our competitors, we want to offer full security, not half solutions. No other global manufacturer has full triple internal design. This makes SanIndus her technology more reliable than any other competitor in the SAN market. SanIndus doesn’t have any single point of failure in her SAN technology. Full redundancy need = Full redundancy supply. Triple redundancy means that if some part is broken, still the operation is even than still redundant because there are two other parts for the same function still active. The SAN technology of SanIndus is completely triple redundant in design: each central component is actual triple present (giving beneath redundancy also triple capacity and triple performance). And the actual storage drives are double (or even quadric) present. All other suppliers has only double redundancy, consist even single point of failure components and selling bad raid solutions as good raid solutions because otherwise they would be to expensive.