SanIndus supports the fourth extended filesystem. A new file system with many very attractive specifications. Ext4 is a journaled file system capable of addressing 1 exabyte (1.000 peta byte, 1.000.000 terabyte, -one billion- megabyte). With file sizes as big as the filesystem. It’s backward compatible with Ext3 storage. It has pre-allocation, delayed allocation and auto defragmentation. All three of these taking care of less file fragmentation and thereby improve speed enormously. The 32.000 subdirectory barrier of Ext3 will not longer effect your storage environment. It also has journal checksumming, fast file system checking (not checking un-used space any longer), multi block allocator and improve timestamps. The Ext4 filesystem is proven completely stable on SanIndus her technology and the advantages of Ext4 can therefore can be used right now.